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Memorial Glow Ring

Memorial Glow Ring


Who better to handle a situation with your passed loved than someone who respects & honors the deep research of afterlife. This type of ring is truly my calling.


There are 2 grades of Tungsten out there for ring makers; Industrial (cheaper made) & jeweler (higher quality). I use jeweler grade Tungsten - so YOU'RE getting the best.


When we start the process: you'll pay, I'll reach out the Tuesday after to schedule a video chat (discussing the best way to recieve the remains [ash]), then I craft excellence & meditate on your ring! (This is a very metaphysical style of gift - however if you are here, & I am sure you are aware of my work in the field - I see it's worth.)


Please be patient (I'll communicate as often as I feel, and please do the same. I like to get the ring/s IN YOUR HAND within 4 weeks) - for I am the only human getting/crafting the material - creating the ring. It's incredibly personalized, with more man hours put in play regarding the design of these rings.

  • Receiving Ash from a Passed Loved One

    Send remains to: Aaron G Thompson: PO BOX 172 - Milan, IL, 61264

    Please communicate with me regarding retrieval outside of mailing to my PO BOX.


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